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Remember me by my insanity
Forget me for I'll last
Love me for my future
Hate me for my past
Name's Jessica
Just another girl trying to find her way in this god forsaken world. Blog can be funny, depressing, cool, lame or swaggie, depending on the day so just know what you're getting yourself into.
Cutter, eating disoreders of all sorts.
Cosplayer, Anime lover. SAO, Hellsing
~~~~Spank me and call me god~~~~
I'm so fucking gay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LGBT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Confession: I will always love her
"When we first started talking, I’d lay awake at 2am with butterflies in my stomach. When we stopped talking, I’d lay awake at 2am with a burning ache in my whole body."
- (via superflipnnick)
"I’ve been checking my phone all day but I really don’t know what I’m expecting"
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